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Peer Mediation

Ms. Allan's Peer Mediators are trained to support MEHS students. To refer a student, please use this form

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Mt.Eden High School

Counseling Department

Phone:  (510) 723-3180

Fax:  (510) 293-5918




Student Support Services

School, family and community

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Mt.Eden High School

Counselors & Caseloads

Puente + A-Bas Veronica Morelos B-6,     x-62123
Bat-Fa Paul DeBrito B-5,  x-62215
AVID + Fb-He  John Zentner B-8,  x-62121
Hf-Mi Melanie Morsy B- 6,  x-62124
Mj-Rod Neetu Rai B-11,  x-62125
Roe-Z Jagdeep Nesbit B-8,  x-62219


Support Staff

Career Counselor: Johanah Hernandez

EAOP Advisor: 

Data Tech: Ms. Yvette Cook          

Registrar: Mrs. Denise Gori           

Community Liaison: Ms. Maria Duenas

Senior College Night 10/3/17

California DREAM Act

Student Support Services

Programs Available at MEHS

Advanced Placement Classes/Exams:Offered annually to enable high school students to demonstrate college-level achievement. The exams are designed for use by colleges in ...more

Servicios de apoyo para estudiantes

Programas disponibles en MEHS

Clases/Exámenes de Colocación Avanzado:Se ofrece anualmente para permitir a los estudiantes demostrar un nivel de colegio. Los exámenes son diseñados para el uso de ...more

Chabot Concurrent Enrollment

Mt. Eden students may take college courses at Chabot this summer. Chabot courses provide students with a broader selection of classes than our school offers. The course work earns college credits so students are a little closer to *college* graduation and tuition is waived for MEHS students.

Check it out here.