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SENIORS: What's next after High School? 

 Start preparing now!

2-year college

  1. Continue extracurricular activities.
  2. Explore community colleges in the area.
  3. Apply for Financial Aid starting Oct 1 to March 2.
  4. Apply to community college of choice (2nd semester).

4-year college

  1. Meet with Mrs. Hernandez and/or your counselor about your college plans.
  2. Be sure to complete all A-G courses with C or better and meet all graduation requirements.
  3. Continue extracurricular activities.
  4. SAT/ACT: CSU/UC do not require it and many colleges are test-optional. If test scores are required, take the ACT and/or SAT by October. Check with college website for test requirements. 
  5. Apply online.  CSU and UC October 1 - November 30th (plan to submit before Thanksgiving break!)  Private colleges -  deadlines vary. Check each college website for deadlines.  
  6. Ask teachers and counselors early for letter of recommendation (LOR).
  7. Apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA/CA Dream Act)
  8. Start applying to scholarships. Check deadlines for college scholarships. 

Guide to Understanding College Life


  1. Explore career options.
  2. Participate in a job shadow or internship.
  3. Gain experience with part-time job or internship.
  4. Attend Career Fairs in the area.


Information on the Military

If you need help planning or figuring out your best option,  see Mrs. Hernandez.

College Ready!

    Welcome to the Mt Eden College & Career Center!  

    Be sure to first check the links on this page for frequently asked questions (FAQs) and updated information.

    To schedule a one-on-one appointment, please email Mrs Hernandez:

    Instagram: @mehscollegeandcareers


    Work Permit Form  Please email Ms Hernandez a copy of your completed form with parent and employer signature/info to be processed in 1-2 days on weekdays. Your permit will be emailed to you when completed.

    Financial Aid: 

    Community Colleges:  For application information click here 

    Chabot College: Student Orientation And Registration(SOAR) here

    UC  UC Application

    CSU Information here.  

    Private Colleges Deadlines vary. Check college website

    Common Application or Apply directly to college if not using the Common Application 

    Guide to Understanding College Life

    Accessing the American Dream: Pursuing College as an Undocumented Student - EDU Med Resources

    ACT update    SAT update     AP update

    Tutoring Resources

    Free/Reduced  If you qualify (even if you don't use it), you may be eligible for free/discounted college applications and college tests (ACT/SAT/AP).


    1) MEHS Counseling

    2) If you have any questions, please email Ms.Todd: 


    Flyer for Girls Tech Day on October 27th

    College & Career Center Team 

    Johanah M Hernandez, Adviser/Tech

    (email is the best way to contact Ms. Hernandez)

    (510) 723-3180 ext. 62122


    Leslee Gonzalez,

    DCAC/EAOP Adviser

    (510) 723-3180 ext.62309


    Diane Cuevas Collin,

    MTap/CTE (in Room M-4)

    (510) 723-3180 ext. 62285



     Applying to college?

    Visit the College and Career Center in the library and/or click here.

    2022-23 Letter OF Recommen-dation

    Students, if you need a letter of recommendation, please fill out the form below. Be sure to check with your counselor if they have received the form.

    A-G Courses

    This link will take you to Mt.Eden's A-G Course List. You might need this when you are filling out your college applications. For example, you might wonder which of your classes counts as your G course.