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Course Information

Multimedia I P

This is a beginning level course in multimedia production and computer technology.  The course will provide students with a basic introduction to multimedia, using industry standard software and hardware. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of web design, presentation, digital image editing and basic video production/ editing. Through projects, class exercises and homework, students will learn work ethics, leadership, initiative, teamwork, self-management, and responsibility. Career path skills, such as working as a production team member, project planning and management, professional criticism, and presentation skills are introduced and practiced. The curriculum will integrate project-based learning with core academic classes in English, Social Studies, and related topics. Academic content will focus on themes related to social justice, World and American literature and historical events.

Multimedia II P

This is an advanced level course in multimedia production and computer technology.  It teaches advanced techniques involved in project planning, production, project completion and presentation. The course will build upon the skills learned in Multimedia I and challenge students with further skills and advanced topics. The technical aspects of the course will involve video production, editing, and streaming to the world wide web. Students will continue advanced web design production and interactive authoring.  At the end of the course, students will create a digital portfolio of completed projects for personal or professional use.