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Peer Mediation

Peer Assistance

Meeting Days: weekly at lunch in C-7

Adviser:  Ms. Allan



Mt Eden High School Peer Assistance Program


The mission of the Peer Assistance program is to help young people develop into positive, healthy adults by training and empowering them as leaders who serve others, helping to create positive change in the school community.


Peer Counseling Skills

Teambuilding activities

Values clarification

Non-verbal communication

Identifying Feelings

Active listening (empathy, compassion, sympathy, affect)

Open-Closed questioning

 “I” messages

Assertive, Aggressive, Passive communication

Summarizing and Paraphrasing

Communication Stoppers

Identifying and naming feelings

Decision Making model

Identifying Emergency/Crisis/Problem

Conflict Mediation Training (3 Stages)


The Class:

Conflict Management Training

Peer Presentations/Education

Staff Presentations/Education

Middle school Presentations/Educations



Adhering to the Class contract as developed by the students

Pre/post assessment of skills

Student/Teacher conferences

Time spent using skills in schools

One book report each semester


Attendance and Behavior Expectations

As part of a team that depends on each other, your attendance demonstrates your 

Students in the Peer assistance program are expected to strive to become models for 

the behaviors we hope to develop in our school community.

If student behavior and attendance cannot meet these expectations, participation in 

the program will reevaluated.