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Ethan Cheever Locker

Ethan Cheever


Hello Students & Families,


     This page has been created to serve as a resource to reach me and to learn about the classes I am teaching.  This year I am teach Modern World History, Accelerated Modern World History, US Government & Economics, and Health.  On this site you should be able to access information about the classes, information about me, and a means of reaching me. 

     In addition to this web page, I use Google Classroom for posting assignments and projects, updating my students about information that may pertain to them, and turning-in electronic assignments.


     A major point of emphasis in my class is learning study and work skills.  Students will use a variety of techniques to learn the content of each class.  I am focused on learning and acquiring skills, so I encourage a student that is upset about their grade to see me.  I can be reached here, at my email (, on extension x62240 of the school's phone number, or through Google Classroom.  Thank you, and enjoy the site!

Current Assignments