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Fine Arts

During this time of Distance Learning in HUSD our students went from seeing each other almost daily to in most cases virtually. Many orchestra, choir, band, drama, and sports programs all around the nation had been preparing for the spring season and then Covid 19 happened. All the dedication and commitment to excellence just slipped right out of our student's hands. 


We teachers, started searching for ways to continue engaging our wonderfully talented students. Our Mt Eden HS Chamber Strings students began working in the virtual world. Realize, we cannot come together and create music in person as we have done for many years. We as performers have had our senses taken away. We were used to making connections, seeing, feeling and reacting in a direct and personal way. 


Several of my students are seniors this past year. This video is my attempt to remain optimistic for my students. I wanted them to at least be able to remember each other and that the work they had put in was worth it. I compiled videos of each student playing their parts alone in isolation. I brought them back together virtually to create the feeling and sound that we all long to be able to see, hear, and feel in a direct and personal way.


To view Tchaikovsky's work Andante Cantabile from the String Quartet No. 1 in D, Op. 11 click here


Art Show Downtown

Web Art Show
Mr. Fobbs, Mr. Dobbs, and the MEHS art teachers at the City Art Show which had over 500 attendees.