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Student Portal Help

Did you forget your username?

Any of your teachers can give you your username.  It is in Infinite Campus.  Just ask any teacher for your school email.  The numbers in your school email are your username for Infinite Campus.


Did you forget your password?

Go the the HUSD Email Site and click on Change Password or the key icon.


Click on the Reset Password Icon


Enter your username (just the numbers)

Answer your security questions, enter the green letters, and click on continue.  You must enter the answers to the security questions exactly how you created them.  For example, if you used a date, the following answers are all different:  1/1/19 or 1.1.19 or 1-1-19 or 01/01/19 or January 1, 2019 or january 1, 2019.  If you answered your security questions correctly, you will be asked for your old password.  Leave this box empty since you don't remember your old password.  Enter your new password.  The password must meet the following requirements

a) at least one uppercase letter

b) at least one lowercase letter

c) at least one number

d) at least one special character (symbols above the numbers or to the right of the P, L and M keys on your keyboard)

e) at least 6 characters 

f) must not contain any information found in Infinite Campus such as your first name, last name, phone number, street address, parent's name, birthday, etc....  You may use these items if you change the spelling enough so Infinite Campus does not recognize it.  For instance, if you live on Calaroga and you used Ca!r0g@, it should be accepted. 

g) Reenter your new password

h) Type in the green letters

i) Click on Continue

j) Log out of that page

k) Before using your new password on your mobile device, log into your Infinite Campus account using a computer at least one time.

l) You should be able to log into your account




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